Silas K. Pierce Cup Results

The 2009 Silas K. Pierce Cup produced a splendid variety of high- and low-scoring games, with long hits, defensive gems, and fast (and not so fast) base running. Twelve teams participated in the day-long event at Grand Rapids’ Riverside Park, and at the end of the day winners of the Silas Pierce Cup were the Sylvania (Ohio) Black Swamp Frogs and Michigan’s Bay City Independents with identical 3-0 records. Close behind were the Chicago Salmon and Kent Base Ball Club with 2-1 records.

Close games marked play throughout the tournament. In an opening game, the Fallasburg Cubs and Kent Pioneers battled back and forth in a high scoring affair before the Cubs prevailed 16-14. Later in the morning, the Ludington Mariners and Midland River Hogs went extra innings before settling for a 3-3 tie.

It was the last series of games, however, that produced the most closely contested games of the day. With a win and a tie on their record, the Midland River Hogs hoped to add their team name to the cup by defeating the previously winless House of David Echoes. But the Echoes were steadfast to the end, defeating the River Hogs by a single tally, 7-6.

The tournament’s other ending game was a tense, low-scoring battle between the 2-0 Bay City Independents, and the Douglas Dutchers who had placed their name on the Pierce Cup the three previous years. Tied 1-1 and then 2-2, the Independents pulled ahead with a single ace in the top of their last inning and then held on as the Dutchers managed to get a striker as far as his second base but could not tally him, leaving the final score 3-2.

In the skills contest held during the noon picnic break, two members of the Black Swamp Frogs carried home top honors, with Tyler “Junior” James taking the running contest and Mike “Dutch” Holland winning the throwing accuracy event.

Cranks were in attendance throughout the day supporting their favorites, and several residents from the nearby Michigan Home for Veterans stopping by to enjoy base ball as it was meant to be played.

Here are complete results and standings for the day:

Silas Pierce Cup Game Results

8:30 Games
Kent Base Ball Club 14 / Douglas Dutchers 8
Fallasburg Cubs 16 / Kent Pioneers 14
Ludington Mariners 16 / House of David Echoes 1

9:45 Games
Bay City Independents 8 / Royal Oak Wahoos 2
Sylvania Black Swamp Frogs 8 / Wyandotte Ghostriders 4
Midland River Hogs 5 / Chicago Salmon 3

11:00 Games
Ludington Mariners 3 / Midland River Hogs 3
Bay City Independents 7 / Kent Base Ball Club 4
Kent Pioneers 7 / Wyandotte Ghostriders 3

12:30 Games
Chicago Salmon 11 / House of David Echoes 3
Douglas Dutchers 10 / Royal Oak Wahoos 1
Sylvania Black Swamp Frogs 9 / Fallasburg Cubs 3

2:00 Games
Sylvania Black Swamp Frogs 13 / Kent Pioneers 2
Chicago Salmon 10 / Ludington Mariners 3
Kent base Ball Club 18 / Royal Oak Wahoos 5

3:15 Games
Wyandotte Ghostriders 19 / Fallasburg Cubs 5
House of David Echoes 7 / Midland River Hogs 6
Bay City Independents 3 / Douglas Dutchers 2

Skills Winners
Running: Tyler “Junior” James, Sylvania Black Swamp Frogs
Throwing: Mike “Dutch” Holland, Sylvania Black Swamp Frogs
Long Strike: Todd “Pig” Daniels, Chicago Salmon

Final Standings
Team W-L
Black Swamp Frogs 3-0
Bay City Independents 3-0
Chicago Salmon 2-1
Kent Base Ball Club 2-1
Ludington Mariners 1-1-1
Midland River Hogs 1-1-1
Douglas Dutchers 1-2
Kent Pioneers 1-2
Fallasburg Cubs 1-2
House of David Echoes 1-2
Wyandotte Ghostriders 1-2
Royal Oak Wahoos 0-3

For a full slideshow of the day’s events, click HERE (opens new window). A hearty huzzah to all the participants and volunteers who made the day a success!