White Pine Village Tournament Game Results

For the third year, the Kent Base Ball Club laid claim to the White Pine Village Tournament trophy, defeating the host Ludington Mariners and the Fallasburg Cubs. The Kents opened their defense of the trophy taking on the host Mariners in a hard fought match that ended with the Kents leading 4-1. The Kents tallied their first ace when Mike “Dependable” De Jong struck a single and made his way to the second base on an error. From there, he moved around to score when Craig “Chest Fielder” Kemmerling struck a one base hit. The Kents added a second tally in their fourth inning when Justin “Time” Buiter made a two base hit and strolled home on a long three base blow by Lance “Brewski” Brewer. The Kent’s final two tallies came in the sixth inning of the seven inning game when Kelly “more and more” Patmore singled and sped home on Buiter’s second two base hit of the day. Buiter scored later on a throwing error following David “Rings” Ringler’s long out to center field.

In the afternoon, the Kents took on the Fallasburg Cubs who had earlier defeated the Bonneyville Millers. The Kents scored early, and then added tallies throughout the game on their way to a 15-4 victory. Justin “Time” Buiter continued his heavy hitting with two base hit in the Kent’s first inning, and was followed by additional two base hits by “Rings” Ringler and “Dependable” De Jong, and one base hits by Jerry “Governor” Brown, and “Chest Fielder” Kemmerling. The Kent’s held a four ace lead at the end of the inning. They added two more tallies in their second inning when Jim “Silver Fox” Boles struck a one base hit, he was out when Wade “Bunker” Hillen struck a daisy cutter to the short stop who tossed a quick throw to the second sacker. Hillen made first base safely, and then the fire works began. Hillen moved ahead a base when “More and More” Patmore struck a long out to the left fielder, and then scored when Justin “Time” hit a three base hit into the village business center beyond the right fielder. Buiter then scored on a one base hit by Ringler, making the score 6-0 at the end of two innings.

The Kents added an addition tally in their fifth inning, and put the game away with four more tallies in their sixth. Along with single base hits by Mike “Long Gone” Coger, Boles and Buiter, the big hit of the inning came when “Rings” Ringler circled the bases after hitting another ball toward the White Pine Village business district. The Kents ended their scoring with four more tallies in their seventh inning, taking advantage of single base hits by De Jong, Kemmerling, Coger, and Patmore, and three base hit courtesy of Hillen’s youthful speed.