Indepedence at Bay City

For most of their July 12 game in Bay City, it looked like the Kents would lose to the Independents for the third straight time, beginning with a loss last year in Bay City and another in this year’s Silas Pierce Cup tournament. After scoring twice in the bottom of the second inning, the Kents hit a scoring drought until GF “Powder Keg” Korreck adding a single tally the seventh when he crossed home plate after David “Tally Express” Turner singled but was tagged out when he over ran first base. In the meantime, the Independents tallied 10 aces to take a seemingly overwhelming lead into the seventh inning.

At that point, the Kents turned the tables and took charge of the game. Lance Brewer led off the inning with a long home run into right field, and Bob “Double” Dekker lived up to his name with a two base blow to left field. Mike “Dependable” DeJong sent him scurrying home with another two base knock. Two infield outs threatened to end the Kents’ rally, but clutch, two-out safe hits by Gabe “Big Badger” Gagnon, Tom Hillen, James “Tiny” Taylor, Adam “Foul Tic” Kochanski, and GF Korreck plated four more aces, drawing the Kents close at 10-9.

After holding the Independents scoreless in their eighth, the Kents went to work to secure a win. With one hand dead, Lance “Brewski” Brewer reached base safely and scored on a hit by “Double” Dekker, who moved to third base on a safe blow by “Dependable” DeJong. Then after Dekker was out on a fielder’s choice, the Kents scored three insurance tallies on consecutive two-out safe hits by Wade “Bunker” Hillen, Ryan Robinson, “Big Badger” Gagnon, and Tom Hillen.

The Independents came back to score a tally in their ninth, and had runners at all bases when their captain, Jayme Johnson hit a daisy cutter to Kent’s first base tender DeJong to end the contest.