Winter Meeting Recap

Over 30 Kents and their families attended the 2010 winter gathering. Captain Gordon Olson reviewed the 2009 season, calling especial attention to the team that played three games in steady rain and sodden fields and finished with a 2-0-1 record in the Huzzah Hoosier Tournament in Winona Lake, Indiana. Over all, the Kents finished the year with a 16-7-1 record and the best record in the Huzzah Hoosier and White Pine Village tournaments.

Captain Olson also took a moment to recognize Wheeler, Upham PC for its ongoing sponsorship of the Kents and especially the work of John Roels who manages the team’s T-Shirt sales concession. He also acknowledged webmaster David Ringler for keeping the up to date throughout the year, and Mike Coger who produces printed schedules for distribution at all Kents’ games.

The team completed the meeting by reviewing the 2010 schedule which includes a first-time appearance at the Gilmore Car Museum as well as return trips to the Silver Ball, Huzzah Hoosier, White Pine Village and Northern Illinois events, as well as the Kents’ own Silas Pierce Cup event on June 5 at Grand Rapids’ Riverside Park.

Finally, the Kents honored several individuals with their annual awards.

The Iron Man Award recognizes the player who by his steady presence is always ready to take the field, often overcoming injuries to be in the lineup at all scheduled games:
2004 Mike Coger
2005 GF Korreck
2006 GF Korreck
2007 Mike Coger
2008 Mike Page
2009 Mike Coger

The Outstanding Veteran Award recognizes a longtime team member who provided steady offensive and defensive play throughout the season:
2004 Jim Boles
2005 Linus Bravender
2006 Mike Coger
2007 Jerry Kochanski
2008 David Turner
2009 G F Korreck/Linus Bravender

The Outstanding Defensive Player Award recognizes the player to visibly impacts a game or a season with outstanding defensive play:
2004 Bob Dekker
2005 David Turner
2006 Charles Bliss
2007 Charles Bliss
2008 Mike DeJong
2009 Scott Dailey

Each year, new players bring their enthusiasm and ability to the team. The Outstanding New Player Award recognizes players in their first full season who contributed to the team’s overall success:
2002 Mike Kane
2003 Adam Kochanski
2004 Rich Frey
2005 Charles Bliss
2006 Justin Buiter & Peter Radabaugh
2007 Wade Hillen, Mike DeJong & Clayton Reister
2008 Kelly Patmore

Established as the team’s first award in 2000, this award goes to the team member who, by his performance on the field as well as in off-field activities contributes to the team’s overall success:
2000 David Turner
2001 No Award
2002 John Roels
2003 David Turner
2004 David Ringler
2005 Phil Mooney
2006 David Ringler
2007 David Ringler
2008 Lance Brewer
2009 Lance Brewer

New in 2006 this award is presented to the player who gave his all to the team effort at the risk of personal injury, without regard for life and limb:
2005 Charles Bliss
2006 Charles Bliss, Tony Puzzuoli & G F Korreck
2007 Tony Puzzuoli
2008 Adam Kochanski & Tom Hillen
2009 Wade Hillen & Adam Willmore

This award was also initiated in 2006, and will go to the crank who supports the club when they’re on the field and by helping at our sponsored events. We get help from many, and with this award we recognizes them:
2006 Sheryl Coger & Rose Van Loon
2007 Kelley Ringler
2008 Marge Brewer & Melinda DeJong
2009 Nancy Korreck

The Kent Base Ball Club was founded in 1991 and several of its original players are beginning to take “senior status” with the club. The Founders Award has been created to honor them as they close out their active playing careers by recognizing their on- and off-field contributions to the team:
2006 Geoff Gillis
2007 John Roels
2008 Don Turner
2009 Tom Wolthuis

Initiated in 2007, the Michael Page Cup recognizes an incident in that year’s game with the Bay City Independents when Michael Page ran out of his protective cup as he rounded third base in an all out effort to score an important run. The cup is awarded when a Kent player overcomes a significant obstacle to contribute to the success of his team:
2007 Mike Page
2009 Huzzah Hoosier team

Congratulations to the Kents, all the award winners, and we’ll look forward to an outstanding 2010 season!