Silas K. Pierce Cup

Below are the results from this year’s Pierce Cup. As you can see, both Kent teams had good days, with the Pioneers ending with a win, loss and tie, and the Kents winning all three of their games.Congraulations to both teams and their captains, Jerry Kochanski and Lance Brewer.

Also thank you to everyone who helped with the food and serving at noon: Sheryl Coger, Rose Van, Marge Brewer, Melinda DeJong, Mark and Sheila Hanisch, Rachael Kochanski, Janelle Dailey, Scott Atchison, and Christine Olson. I know I’m missing some, so please know everyone’s help is appreciated. I also want to single out Mike Coger who joined me for the Friday shopping expedition, Bob Dekker who once again saw to it that the teams had a place to sit, John Roels who umpired, ran the skills contest, and sold t-shirts, Scott Daily for the cooking grills, and Geoff Gillis who umpired and helped with set up.
Gordon “Steam Train” Olson

Team Records:
Walker Tavern Wheels 3-0
Kents of Grand Rapids 3-0
Fallasburg Cubs 2-1
Midland Mighty River Hogs 2-1
Ludington Mariners 2-1
Kent Pioneers 1-1-1
Chicago Salmon 1-1-1
Bay City Independents 1-2
Northville Eclipse 1-2
Douglas Dutchers 0-3
House of David Echoes 0-3

Game Results:
Kents 10 Independents 1
Cubs 8 Eclipse 7
Pioneers 13 Echoes 3
Independents 17 Dutchers 8
Wheels 11 Salmon 5
River Hogs 11 Mariners 9
Wheels 8 Dutchers 1
Kents 13 Eclipse 2
Mariners 5 Echoes 4
Wheels 3 Cubs 1
River Hogs 15 Echoes 4
Pioneers 8 Salmon 8
Eclipse 7 Dutchers 1
Mariners 13 Independents 3
Salmon 4 River Hogs 3
Cubs 11 Pioneers 4
Kents 8 Tournament Stars 7

Skills Contest Winners
Throwing: Jon-Paul “Two-Wheeler” Hackett, Fallasburg Cubs
Hitting: Geoff “The Hammer” Drouin, Douglas Dutchers
Running: Nate “Bullet” Brown, Walker Tavern Wheels

For a slideshow of the day’s events, courtesy of Melinda DeJong, click HERE. For professional photos of the day, courtesy of John Collins, click HERE.

The Kents next scheduled action is June 19th at Bay City.