Independents take their Toll

The Kent Base Ball Club visited their friends, the Independents, at Carroll Park in Bay City this past Saturday for a match played by the rules of 1865. While the Bay City ballists proved gracious hosts off the field, they were a bit tougher on the visiting nine on the field as they thundered their way to a 15-3 dismantling of their guests before a handsome and enthusiastic group of cranks.
The match began evenly, as the two sides traded aces through the fourth inning. However, a long strike with the sacks full of Independents over the head of the Kent center field scout broke the game open and the lads from Bay City were able to cruise to victory.

Several Kents enjoyed fine efforts for the day, including a stellar defensive performances from Kraig Westfall who ably manned third base and David Turner who patrolled left scout. At the striker’s line, David Ringler still has yet to be retired this season and Wade Hillen showed fine ginger on the basepaths.

Despite the hostilities on the field, the Independents were kind enough to invite the Kents to a bountiful meal after the match before their guests returned westward toward Grand Rapids. Both sides were also able to join a local wedding celebration for some Daguerreotypes.

For an account of the day from the Bay City Times, click HERE.
The Kents next scheduled match is July 10th, when they will participate in the Mason County Hall of Fame at White Pine Village in Ludington.