Kents Wrap it Up

Our last two games of 2012 ended in a split.

The team that went to Huntington, IN defeated the Hilltoppers 13-8, and lost to the Springfield Long Nines 13-9. They were two 7-inning games, and taken together, the Kents played 12 excellent innings and two bad ones.

The two forgettable innings were the first against the Long Nines, and when they were over, the Kents were down 8-0. They fought back, outscoring the Long Nines 9-5 the remainder of the way, but the damage was done. Everyone on the Kents struck the ball solidly throughout the day. Adam Willmore batted first and spend much of the day on base, David Turner, Mike DeJong, and Steve Bengelink hit the ball lustily in both games. Scott Daily had one of his better days as a Kent hitting the ball hard and often, and newcomer Brandon Williams played a solid left field and veterans Jim Boles and GF Korreck played their usual solid games. Take away the beginning of the second game, and the Kents wouold have returned with two victories–of course, the St. Louis Cardinals are saying the same thing.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these games, and in the rest of the season.