Kents Recover to Defeat Grand Ledge

After one inning, a bewildered Kent Base Ball Club trailed a Grand Ledge Picked Nine by a 6-0 score.

The host team’s first six strikers in their lineup each tallied, and it seemed they might score more before the Kents shored up their defenses. But for a quick recovery, the Kents faced a long afternoon.

Participating in Grand Ledge’s “Victorian Days” celebration for the second time, they had barely unpacked their bats before finding themselves facing the serious deficit against Grand Ledge ballists that showed themselves to be apt students of the game. Fortunately for the Kents, their first inning outburst was the high point for Grand Ledge. They failed to score again during the afternoon, and at the end of nine innings the hard-pressed Kents were on the tall end of a 14-6 score.

Adam “Foul Tic, Too” Kochanski led the Kents with four safe hits, and three aces tallied. Following closely was newcomer Joe “Baby Roose” Russo who also had four safe hits, highlighted by a long “smoker” that cleared outhouses beyond left field and accounted for all four bases in one blow. Had there not been danger of his foundering from exhaustion, Russo could have toured the bases a second time before the ball was recovered from beneath a skittish carriage steed.

Safe hits were spread throughout the Kents’ lineup, with Buiter, DeJong, Dailey, Coger, Ringler, Ryan and Korreck each striking safely three times.

Maberg, Willeen, Lundquist, and Todd led Grand Ledge with 3 safeties each.

For a slideshow, courtesy of Melinda DeJonge, click HERE.