Kent’s Leader Fails Weather Prognostication

A flooded Riverside Park in early May, just a few weeks before the scheduled Pierce Cup Tournament.

Stepping out of his safety zone as Kent Base Ball Club “scheduler in chief,” and umpire, “Steam Train” Olson took on the role of weather prognosticator with disastrous consequences for the team’s annual Pierce Cup tournament.

After checking to see if birds were “flying crazy” or squirrels were gathering extra nuts, and trying to remember if it was “red sky” at night or morning that sent farmers scurrying for cover, he made a bold prediction that heavy rains would wash out the 2013 Pierce Cup, and postponed the event on Friday,m the day before it was to begin. As word spread across the Midwest, teams unhooked their carriages and put up their horses.

Of course, June 1, the day of the event dawned dry and sunny and remained so.  Olson promised to refrain from any further weather predictions.