White Pine Afternoon

Saturday, July 13 found the Kent Base Ball Club journeying north to take on their old foes, the Ludington Mariners in the first of two games at White Pine Village. In their first match, the Kents faced the Mariners. Scoring at least one ace in each of their innings save the fifth, the Kents steadily pulled in front of their foes for a 14-5 victory. Safe hits were spread among all of the Kents. Their “Big Dutchman,” Justin Buiter led the way with a four base ace, a two base hit, and a one baser. His production was followed closely by that of “Powder Keg” Korreck who had a two base hit and two one base hits, Mike “Long Gone” DeJong, and Scott “Twice” Dailey with three one-base safeties each. “Wedded” Bliss, “Evermore” Willmore, “New Parts” Ringler, and “Foul Tic” Kochanski, each struck two base hits for the Kents.

In the second game of the White Pine Village tournament, the Kents took on the Fallassburgh Flats and seemed to have the game in hand with an 8-5 lead after their eighth inning. However, the “never-say-die” Flats rallied for five aces in the eighth and then denied the Kents any further tallies in their ninth for a 10-8 victory. Despite a painful hand injury suffered while fielding a throw, “Long Gone” DeJong led the Kents with a two base blow and three one base safeties in five trips to the striker’s mark. His heavy hitting was complimented by Buiter with two two-base hits and “Bunker” Hillen and “Twice” Dailey who each struck two one-base hits.