The Final Weekend’s Tally

The Kent Base Ball Club ended its 2013 season with a string of four victories on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, August 3-4. To begin the weekend, the Kents journeyed to Sidney to participate in the Sidney Heritage Festival on the grounds of Montcalm Community College. In their opening game the Kents faced the Fallasburg Flats who had recently bested them at Ludington’s White Pine Village. This time, the outcome was 13-0 in Favor of the Kents who ran out to a 5-0 lead in their first inning and were never headed. The Kents five initial strikers, Willmore, D. Turner, Patmore, Buiter, and Hillen all struck safely and tallied aces. “Iron Mike” Coger added another tally in the Kents’ fourth before his teammates out the match well beyond reach with seven aces in their sixth inning. Justin “Big Dutch” Buiter lived up to his name in the contest with two “big” drives to the carriage trail in far right field that enabled him to circle the bases unmolested, and another that went foul and was made out on a fine play by the Flats right fielder.

In a close, well-played game by both teams, the Kents bested the Sidney in their second game of the tournament. This time the Stars took a 2-0 led in their first inning only to have the Kents retaliate and take 5-2 lead by their third inning behind a triple by “Big Dutch” Buiter following safe hits by Cameron Turner, Kochanski, Willmore, David Turner,  and Patmore. Thereafter the Kents matched three two-tally rallies with five more tallies of their own and a 10-8 victory. The Stars final rally in the seventh inning was stamped out by a Kent double play turner by their newest member, Cameron Turner who also had three safe hits and scored three aces.

On Sunday, August 4, the House of David Echoes hosted a three team tournament on Eastman Field featuring the Livery Brewers of St. Joseph and the Kent Base Ball Club in addition to the home team Echoes. In their first game, the Kents faced a new team, the Livery Brewers and found the to be fine gentlemen and enthusiastic ballists. The Kents tallied two aces in their first inning and three more in their second, while the determined Brewery men responded with two of their own in their second. Thereafter the Kents denied any more aces to the Brewerymen who may have been feeling the after effects of too much of their own product on Saturday night as they toiled in the Sunday afternoon sunshine. A Kent ace in their fourth and two more in their fifth produced a final 8-2 final score and agreement by both teams that they would enjoy scheduling future matches.

Following a hearty noontime repast hosted by the House of David Echoes, the Kent Base Ball Club returned to Eastman Field to play their last game of the 2013 against their longtime friends, Echoes. Once again the Furniture City ballists started strong, out-tallying their hosts 7 aces to two in their first two innings. The first strikers in the Kent lineup led the way with five of the first six batsmen—save for spare-parts Ringler, perhaps still adjusting to his new hip—striking safely and recording aces. After three complete innings the Kents led by a score of 7-4, and there it remained until the Kents pulled away with 7 late inning aces for a final 14-4 victory. Every player in the Kent lineup struck safely in their final game, including new comer James Echter who reached his first base and then scored his first ace in his final trip to the striker’s line.