Kents Kick Off 2014 Campaign

In the Kent Base Ball Club winter meetings, held this past February, Gordon Olson announced this season’s upcoming schedule (see link at top of page) and the 2013 Award Winners. With a somewhat smaller schedule, numerous Kents were recognized for their efforts:

Mike Coger Iron Man Award: David Ringler
Outstanding Veteran Player: Jerry Kochanski
Outstanding Defensive Player: Adam Willmore
Outstanding New Player: Dan Ryan/Cameron Turner
Most Valuable Player: Justin Buiter/Mike DeJong
Life and Limb Award: Scott Dailey
Harriet Smith Outstanding Crank Award: Rachel Kochanski
Founders Award: Wheeler Upham

“Steam Train” Olson also announced that this summer would be his last at the helm of the Kents, as he would step down in favor of others to assume the reigns of the wagon he had so aptly steered over the past 24 seasons.