A Battle Well Fought over Tepid Water

Coldwater ‘s Civil War Muster Vintage Base Ball Tournament started on a positive note for the Kent Base Ball Club, when they defeated the Walker Wheels 10-9. The match was close throughout, with the Kents taking the lead with three aces in their third when Cameron Turner led off their inning with a one base hit and moved up on Adam Willmore’s safe hit. Both tallied aces on a long strike by “Big Dutch” Buiter that landed him on the third sack. From there he tallied on a fair hit by Dave “Pennsylvania Dutch” Ringler.

The Kents scored single aces in their fourth and fifth innings on a long hit by the newest Kent, Keith Gill, followed by hits by Willmore and Buiter, and a bound out by Ringler. Their sixth inning was the Kents’ best when the tallied four aces to take a 9-4 lead. Every Kent batted in the inning, with hits by Coger, Page, Cameron Turner, Roels, Willmore, Buiter, and Ringler sending their teammates on a merry run round the bases. The Wheels cut the Kents’ lead to 9-7 at the completion of both teams’ eighth innings before the Kents added an additional tally on consecutive two base hits by Buiter and Ringler in their ninth inning. That final tally proved to be the decisive ace when the Wheels rallied for two aces, but fell short when Roels captured a long fly out to end their final inning.

In the championship match against the Rochester Grangers, the Kents ran off to an 8-1 lead, but lost their momentum and the game when their bats fell silent after their fourth inning. Steve Roels, who returned to the Kents after a several year hiatus, led off the first inning with a single and Adam Willmore and Justin Buiter followed with single base hits of their own. Roels scored on Buiter’s hit, and David Ringler’s two base hit sent Willmore and Buiter home before Mike DeJong’s two baser plated Ringler, completing the Kent’s initial scoring.

Four additional tallies in their third inning on base hits by Ringler, DeJong, David Turner, Mike Coger, Gill, and Mike Page gave the Kents an 8-1 lead. The Grangers came to life with three aces in their third inning making the score 8-4, but the Kents responded with two additional aces in their fourth inning on fair hits by Buiter, Ringler, DeJong, to take a 10-4 lead at the end. Thereafter the Grangers continued scoring as they racked up 11 aces on their way to a 15-10 lead after their ninth inning. The Kents responded with a single ace in their last trip to the striker’s mark, making the final score 15-11.