At the Corner

The Kents were thrilled this past Sunday to enjoy a spirited match with our friends from the Rochester Grangers at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull in downtown Detroit. The Navin Field Grounds Crew has done a fantastic job and several media members were on hand.



The old Tiger Stadium playing field, now called Navin Field, is a remarkable place. The infield cutout remains, along with the famous centerfield flagpole; everything else is gone. There are no enclosed two tiered stands, no rightfield overhang, no “obstructed” views; but in the minds of fans who have listened to decades of radio broadcasts, ghosts of games past lurk at every base and around the outfield. Today, the field is maintained by a volunteer group known as the Navin Field Grounds Crew.

On June 1, the Kent Base Ball brought their old memories and added new ones when they played the Rochester Grangers in a vintage base ball game at Navin Field. The match did not begin well for the Kents. Batting first, the Grangers tallied three aces, and although the Kents responded with two tallies of their own, the score stood at 6-3 after six completed innings. Rochester failed to add to their lead in their seventh inning and then the Kents took control. Their first nine batsmen stuck safely, including a string of four consecutive two-base hits. Bliss began the hitting, followed by David Turner, and two-base blows by Buiter, Ringler, Hillen, and Ryan. Addition fair hits by Coger, Korreck, and Cameron Turner completed the onslaught, and when it was over, the Kents had scored seven times and taken a 10-6 lead. The Kents added three additional runs in their eighth inning, and that proved a good thing when the Grangers struck back with four aces of their own, making the final score 12-10 in the Kents’ favor.

It was a well-played game throughout, and the crowd of more than 150 who stopped by could be heard marveling throughout at the long balls struck by batters on both teams and the many catches by the bare-handed fielders. With the game over, fans and players lingered to walk the field and talk baseball, a fitting way to conclude a visit to Navin Field.