Silas Salute


The Kent Base Ball Club hosted a seven team event this past weekend for the annual Silas K. Pierce Cup at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids. On a splendid day for base ball, several hundred spectators wandered among the ballists to enjoy a gentlemanly display of sportsmanship and love for the game. When the day ended, the Kents were etched to the Cup with the best record of the day, winning each of their three matches.

Their brethren, the Pioneers, were proud to introduce several newcomers to the sport and improved their play throughout the day.

Here are the final tallies from Saturday:

Final Standings
Kent Base Ball Club 3-0
Northville Eclipse 2-1
Sidney Stars 2-1
Bay City Independents 1-2
Fallassburgh Flats 1-2
House of David Echoes 1-2
Kent Pioneers 0-2

Kent Base Ball Club 19
Northville Eclipse 3

Kent Base Ball Club 13
Bay City Independents 4

Kent Base Ball Club 17
Fallassburgh Flats 0

Northville Eclipse 6
Fallasburg Flats 2

Northville Eclipse 10
House of David Echoes 3

Sidney Stars 6
House of David Echoes 3

Sidney Stars 17
Kent Pioneers 4

Fallassburgh Flats 8
Bay City Independents 3

Bay City Independents 11
Sidney Stars 4

House of David Echoes 7
Kent Pioneers 4