The Kents made history….

The Kent Base Ball Club of Grand Rapids, Michigan has announced that it will cease operations in 2015. Originally founded in 1867 by Silas K. Pierce, the Kents were re-formed by Gordon Olson in 1991 and were a founding member of the Vintage Base Ball Association.

In the fall of 1991 Gordon Olson resurrected a team whose history had been long forgotten. Not only he did give it new life, but he and the Kents became a force — from West Michigan to New York, and back, with a foray into Canada. The Kents left their footprint wherever they went — occasionally on the toes of opponents (most often deserved) but also on the histories of other places where the Kents were instrumental in helping communities form their own vintage teams.
We won far more than we lost and, yes, no matter what anyone says the winning mattered. At our best there were few who could match us; on our bad days we went down fighting while considering how we would handle a rematch.
It was, and is, a great group of guys from all walks of life; a name and a uniform that came to symbolize something much more than just wearing a too-hot period outfit a few weeks a summer.
Thanks, Gordon, for putting it all together and keeping it going.
Thanks, fellow Kents, for despite sometimes being “nerve-wracking sonsabitches,”we always had each other’s backs. If that ain’t team, nothing is.G. F. Korreck