All Time Roster

With one more official event to take place, the Winter Meeting on Sunday, February 23 at Railtown Brewery in Dutton, the following is a list of known Kents:


Jason Ainsworth (2012-2013)
Hito Akehi – Origami
Eric Albertson (2013) EZ-E
Richard App (1997-98) He Ain’t Heavy
Robert App (1997-99) Ostrich
Scott Atchison – Native Son
Craig Avery (1995-98) Hard Luck, The Litigator
Michael Avery (1995-97) Rookie, Legs
John Bachelder (1992-) The Law, The Administrator
Steve Bengelink (1991-) Logger
Bob Beamon (1995) Flash
Rick Billings – Advance
Charles Bliss (2005-) Wedded
Jim Boles (1995-) Silver Fox, Grandpa, The Ghost, Whitey
Lynn Bravender (1994-2008) Iron Chest, Long Distance, Wrong Way
Lance Brewer (2005-2012) Brewski, Pagan Beer, Rocket Man
Jerry Brown (1996-2013) Downtown, Governor
Justin Buiter (2006-) Time, Slim, Big Dutch
Joe Byerwalter (2006)
Mike Coger (1999-) Bluto, Long Gone
Don Collins (1995-96)
Randy Cotter – Dandy
Bill Cunningham (1991-1998) Still Water, Professor
Scott Dailey (2008-)Double, Three Times, Once
Bob Dekker (2001-2011)Double
David DeJong
Mike DeJong (2005-)Dependable
Matt Dhasaleer (2005-08) Banker, What’s My Name
Bob Draper (1995) Faintin’ Bob
Ron Empie – Gimpy
Alan Eldridge
Rich Frey (2004) French, Frenchie
Gabe Gagnon (2005-2008) Huge, Big Badger
Keith Gill (2014)
Elizabeth Gillis (1998-2000) Iggy
Geoffrey Gillis (1991-) The Negotiator
Drew Gross
Troy Guerra
Rick Hamm (2006-) Deputy, Hammer
Mark Hanisch (1996-2005) Wrong Way, Inside Out
Tom Hazen – Purple
Tom Hillen
Wade Hillen (2009) Meat, Bunker, Dubya
Mike Hoffman (1993-94)
Mike Kane – Sugar
Craig Kemmerling – Chest Fielder,The Rope
Curtis Kilburn
Robert Kobel (1997) Shades
Ron Kobel (1996-98) Telstar
Adam Kochanski (2004-)Foul Tic Two
Jerry Kochanski (1991-2013) Foul Tic, Music Man
Tom Kutchinski (2006) Dirty, Mudpie
Tom Koernke (1997) Leapiong Tom
John Koeze – Streetcar, Which Way
G.F. Korreck (1992-) Powder Keg, Nice Pants, Old Yeller, Magglio
Jake Korreck (1995-98) The Snake
Tom Linck (2006) Missing
Mike Light (2006) Shining
Roger Martin (1995-2012) Dodger
Jonathan Mensink (2004) Friendly
Mark Mersman (2013) Merz
Jerrod Miller (2013) GILF
Bob Monsma (2013-)
Jared Monsma (2013-)
Phil Mooney – Full
Ed Moorehead
Cort Musolf
Don Newberry (1991)
Gordon Olson, captain (1991-) Steam Train
Dennis Orr
Don Orr
Adam Page (2006-) Warrior
Mike Page (2006-2013) Stoneman
Ken Parker (2003-) Parallel
Kelly Patmore – More And More
Anthony Puzzuoli (2010-2012) Steamboat, Flipper
Peter Radabaugh (2006-2008) Three Fingers
Clayton Reister (2005) Tin Man
David Ringler (2004- ) Rings, Wiffle Ball, Ear, Pennsylvania Dutch, Spare Parts
Ryan Robinson (2009)
Dan Roels (2000-)
John Roels (1991-) Wee Johnny, Mandrake, Too Sweet
Shirley Roels
Steve Roels (2000-) Death To Fly Balls, Jackrabbit, Rockin’
Tom Roels (1992)
Joe Russo (2013) Roose
Dan Ryan (2013-) Private
Andy Schreyer
Jason Smith (2006-2010) Heavy Load, Wide Load, Sunspot, Big Country
Ed Snyder
Randy Stewart (1995) The Main Attraction
Connor Swift – When Can I Play
Mike Swift (2003-2008) Shoeless
Bruce Tap (1997-2005) Duster, Tipper
James Taylor (2009) Tiny
Cameron Thompson (2009)
Cameron Turner (2013-)
David Turner (1994-) Afterburner, Tally Express
Don Turner (1992-2005) Grey Fox, Slow Burner
Terry Vandenakker
Daniel Vanderwoude Woody
Fred Van Hartesveldt (1992-) High Pockets
Kraig Westfall (1999-2013) Shadowcatcher
Hope Wolthuis
Shanna Wolthuis
Tom Wolthuis (1991-) Fire and Brimstone, Preacher
Brandon Williams
Rob Williams (1992)
Adam Willmore (2005-) Bad Axe, Evermore
Joe Willmore – Young
Bruce Wynbeek
Buzz Wynbeek (1998-2006) Buzzsaw
Brian Yeomans

Akron Black Stockings
Alpine Township Fire Fighters
Athletic and Baseball Club of Cooperstown
Atlantic Base Ball Club
Bay City Independents
Berrien Springs Cranberry Boggers
Bonneyville Millers
Carriage Hill Clodbusters
Canal Fulton Mules
Columbus Capitals
Charlton Park Merchants
Chicago Salmon
Cincinnati Blue Stockings
Cincinnati Red Stockings
Columbus Capitals
Coopersville Merchants
Coopersville Muldoons
Dimondale Bearcats
Douglas Dutchers
Excelsiors of Mumford
Fallasburg Cubs
Flat River Historical Society
Foodtown Pioneers
Grand Ledge All Stars
Great Black Swamp Frogs
Greenfield Village Centurions
Hobart Deep River Grinders
Holland Vintage All-Stars
House of David Echoes
Huntington Hill Toppers
Huntington Suffolks
Indianapolis Blues
Lansing Old Timers Baseball Association
Lockport Sleepers
Lorain County Buckeyes
Lowell All-Stars
Ludington Mariners
Marmont Saints
Melrose Pondfielders
Midland Mighty River Hogs
Mount Clemens Regulars
New York Knickerbockers
New York Rochesters
Northville Eclipse
Ohio Village Muffins
Pioneer Foods
Piqua Sterlings
Rapid Wheelmen
River Valley All-Stars
Rochester Grangers
Rock Springs Ground Squirrels
Royal Oak Wahoos
Saginaw Old Golds
Salt City Base Ball Club
Sheridan Dandies
Sidney Centurions
Sidney Stars
Somonauk Blue Stockings
Sycamore Grasshoppers
Sylvania Great Black Swamp Frogs
Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry
Trinity Lutheran Faithful
Walker Tavern Wheels
Warsaw Fleetfoots
Washington Base Ball Club
Waterford La De Dahs
Wahoo Baseball Club of Royal Oak
Winona Lake Blue Laws
Woodstock Actives
Wyandotte Ghostriders/Wagon Wheels

Alpine Fields, Comstock Park, Michigan
John Ball Park, North & South Grounds, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Beery Field, Douglas, Michigan
Blandford Nature Center North Grounds, C.A. Frost Memorial Field
Blandford Nature Center South Grounds
Carroll Park, Bay City, Michigan
Charlton Park, Hastings, Michigan
Community Athletic Field, St. Mary’s, Ontario
Coveleski Field, South Bend, Indiana
Dollinger Farms, Channahon/Minooka, Illinois
Doubleday Field, Cooperstown, New York
Dimondale River Park Field, Dimondale, Michigan
Fallasburg Village Fields, Fallasburg Park, Michigan
Faltz Family Vineyards, Sheridan, Illinois
Farmer’s Village Green, Cooperstown, New York
Fayette Race Track and Base Ball Grounds, Fayette, Michigan
Greenfield Village Activities Field, Dearborn, Michigan
Harris Park, London, Ontario
Jackson Ridge, Jackson, Michigan
Klackle’s Orchard, Greenville, Michigan
Lowell Park, Lowell, Michigan
Mackinac Island
Manistee Baseball Diamond, Manistee, Michigan
Midland Park, Midland, Michigan
Navin Field, Detroit, Michigan
Ohio Village Muffin Meadow, Columbus, Ohio
Ohio Village Grounds, Columbus, Ohio
Old Kent Park, Comstock Park, Michigan
Oldsmobile Stadium, Lansing, Michigan
Salt City Park, Manistee, Michigan
Matt Urban Field, Holland, Michigan
Van Hoosen Farm, Rochester Hills, Michigan
Veteran’s Memorial Park, Bay City, Michigan
Whirlpool Park, St. Joseph, Michigan
White Pine Village, Ludington, Michigan
Wolcott House, Maumee, Ohio
Winona Lake, Indiana
Paw Paw