Welcome to the Kent Base Ball Club
A Founding Member of the Vintage Base Ball Association

Before there were designated hitters or million-dollar salaries, and even before Babe Ruth, there was base ball. Two words, not one.

Imagine a gentleman’s game played in the post-Civil War era in which no gloves were used, players were fined for swearing and other “ungentlemanly behavior,” and a ball caught on one bounce was considered an out.

That’s the game the Kent Base Ball Club now plays, over 145 years after the first organized game was played in Grand Rapids. A game that is dedicated to playing base ball “the way it was intended to be played. ”

Be sure to catch the Kents and their brethren, The Pioneers, as we look to 2012 after another successful campaign this past summer. You can also follow the latest news and find a complete roster by clicking our menu to the left.

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