Kent Base Ball Club

Here are the Kents:
Jason “Wrong Way” Ainsworth
Eric “EZ” Albertson
Scott “Native Son” Atchison
Steve “Logger” Bengelink
Charles “Wedding” Bliss
Jim “Silver Fox” Boles
Lynn “Linus” Bravender
Jerry “Governor” Brown
Justin “Big Dutch” Buiter
Mike “Long Gone” Coger
Scott “Double” Dailey
Mike “Dependable” DeJong
Matt “Banker” Dhaseleer
Gabe “Huge” Gagnon
Geoff “Arbitrator” Gillis
Mark “Wrongway” Hanisch
Wade “Meat” Hillen
Mike “Sugar” Kane
Adam “Foul Tick Too” Kochanski
Jerry “Foul Tick” Kochanski
GF “Powder Keg” Korreck
Roger “Dodger” Martin
Mark “Ricky” Mersman
Jared “Wrong Sider” Monsma
Gordon “Steam Train” Olson
Mike “Stoneman” Page
Ken “Parallel” Parker
Peter “Three Fingers” Radabaugh
David “Pennsylvania Dutch” Ringler
John “Too Sweet” Roels
Steve “Rockin” Roels
Dan “Private” Ryan
Jason “Wide Load” Smith
Bruce “Tipper” Tap
David “Tally Express” Turner
Adam “Bad Axe” Willmore
Adrian “Buzzsaw” Wynbeek

True Tales of the Kents:
The Kents are one of the “oldest” teams continuously playing vintage base ball. The current team was re-founded nearly 20 years ago. The Kents are also a founding member of the Vintage Base Ball Organization.

Our own Gordon “Steam Train” Olson once batted against legendary pitcher Satchell Paige! “Tis true, I batted against him in 1962 when he was barnstorming with what was left of the Kansas City Monarchs. I struck out on three curve balls that came from different angles and deliveries. It was both a high point and a low point.” In addition, it has been rumoured that he’s also faced Eddie Feigner, of “The King and his Court.”

The Kents have three alumni from Kalamazoo College, founded in 1833, the oldest (and one of the smallest) colleges in Michigan.

Dave “Pennsylvania Dutch” Ringler played professional football in Europe from 1993-1995.

The Kents roster includes four “father and son” teammates: Kochanski, Page, Roels & Turner.

Kent Base Ball Club, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA